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Dealing with
Sports injuries

There are a large range of sports injuries that we see in our clinics regularly. They vary from basic muscle sprains and strains to more repetitive joint complaints and nerve complaints. The key is that the root of the complaint is recognised, diagnosed and then treated. Some of the symptoms we treat are, carpal tunnel syndrome, tarsal tunnel syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), Post-Fracture treatment, Tennis & Golfers Elbow Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis), Biomechanical Issues and Functional Movement Problems and Patterns.

Chiropractors are now an integrated part of all major sports teams and Chiropractic Treatment used not only as a way to treat and heal sports complaints but also to increase athletic performance and ability. By having your body functioning at it’s optimum, i.e. having your spine and nervous system interacting with the muscles of the rest of the body correctly, allows for your performance and athletic ability to improve. Removing misalignments in the joints of the spine and extremities allows for, less injuries, quicker recovery times from injuries and an overall better functioning body.

Did you KNow?

An Estimated 90% of world class athletes use Chiropractic Care on a regular basis to not only stay healthy, but improve performance and get an edge over competitors.

Signs & Symptoms

Pain when performing exercises

Pain when performing the same exercise

Reduction of range of movement

Less flexibility

Decreased times, distances & performance in sport

Sluggish feeling when exercising

How does Chiropractic Help?

Chiropractic Treatment works on aligning misaligned joints removing tension within a joint and increasing the range of motion from that joint by doing this, pressure is removed form nerves, which in turn allows normal nerve signal to be sent to muscles resulting in optimum performance of the muscle. Causing an overall benefit to the athlete. 

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