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Our Story

Our story starts way back in 2009, in recessionary Ireland. We invested in a small chiropractic clinic located in Carrick on Shannon. Both at the age of 24, it was our first proper step into business ownership.

Ireland at the time was at the start of some of the worst economic years the country has ever seen and a couple months into running our clinic, we started to realise that the clinic we had invested all of our money into, had a very negative reputation with the local people. With everything we had invested and job opportunities at an all time low, we genuinely contemplated giving up, as it seemed an impossible task, but with the support of family, we decided to focus on working as hard as we could to separate ourselves from the previous owners of the clinic and build a new reputation.

Over the next couple of months, we kept our heads down and focused on giving not only the best care that could be given from a clinical perspective, but giving the best service we could as a business. In November of that year, we were presented with an opportunity above a Medical Centre in Longford, and our second location opened.


Between adding Chartered Physiotherapy in both clinics in Carrick and Longford, and with purchasing Galway City Chiropractic in 2014, Galway's oldest Chiropractic Clinic, the company grew more and more, by adding more staff, and catering for more patients than we ever had. The unique method of care that was being provided was having one simple effect. Getting Results.



Over the following years, the business was hit with natural disasters, from the floods of 2009 nearly engulfing our practice, to the  "Big Freeze" in 2010 keeping everyone in doors for weeks, but through it all the patients remained loyal to the work and care we were putting in and in 2013 we started to really expand.




Somewhere in 2018, we sat down to discuss the future. In that conversation, the idea of Chiropractix was born, and the aspirations of bringing a standardized, professional level of Chiropractic Care was realised. Over the following year, many locations were visited, many commercial units were surveyed, and we finally settled on a location in the beautiful surroundings of, Mount Merrion in Dublin. We chose this location as it is part of a fantastic collective of forward thinking healthcare businesses, as well as having the offering of, lots of free parking (A rarity in Dublin),  a great Medical Facility and easy access for the people of Dublin and beyond. In January 2019, 10 years to the month after our first Chiropractic Clinic opened, Chiropractix began offering care to the people of Dublin.


During the lockdown of 2020, we spent a lot of time thinking about the future of our company and how we could bring our business and service to the next level, It became apparent to us that the time to re-brand all our locations to the one name was the right approach. It allowed us to really focus on what we do best, provide a reliable, standardised Chiropractic Service.

When we re-opened on the 18th May 2020, we started planning the steps needed, and on October 6th 2020, all our clinics opened their doors as Chiropractix with a complete renovation of each location.






Now the largest group of Chiropractic Clinics in Ireland, with the largest number of Chiropractic Practitioners as part of our team, we are focused on continuing the high level of care and service that started it all. All of our practitioners are trained to our standards, utilizing the most up to date research, as well as undergoing constant professional development, In-house training, along with group learning and patient case sharing. When you visit Chiropractix, you don't just get the knowledge of one, you get the knowledge of all.

We hope, that when you visit Chiropractix, you feel we care about your care.


Our busiest year to date.

2023 not only saw the expansion of Chiropractic Services across all our locations, but also saw us open 2 new clinics in Dublin in the same year.

In April of this year we opened our largest Clinic in Dublin in the beautiful suburb of Foxrock, having immediate success within the local community. 

Following on from this in October, we opened our Flagship City Centre Location on the Top Floor of the historic and exclusive Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, right in centre of Dublin, only a minutes walk from Grafton street. 



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