Chiropractors are best known for their treatment of back pain. The Official Irish Health Service Website concluded that Chiropractic is an effective form of treatment for back pain.

Back pain can happen for many different reasons. The structures which generally cause pain in the lower back are joints, nerves, discs, muscles and ligaments. Some cause more severe pain than others. The bony part of lower back is made up of 5 lumbar vertebral bodies, 2 pelvic bones and the sacrum (which has the coccyx attached to it).

The majority of lower back complaints occur due to repetitive flexion, or in other words bending forward form the hips. The lower back is at its weakest when in a flexed position as the joints are opened, the ligaments and muscles are over stretched and the front part of the disc is under pressure. In this position any one of the above named structures can be injured.

Signs & Symptoms

Sharp stabbing pain in the back

Sciatic pain / Leg pain

Nerve pain

Dull aches in one area

Muscular cramping

Pain when sitting

Tingling, Pins and Needles or Numbness into the lower back, legs or feet

Stiffness in motion

How does Chiropractic Help?

Chiropractic care is an effective form of treatment used in alleviating signs and symptoms experienced in the lower back, whether you feel a dull achy sensation on the lower back that can be caused from arthritic complaints, or if it is the sharp pain experienced with sciatica and nerve pain.

Realigning the joints of the lower back and pelvis, removes tension and pressure from the joint surfaces, disc and relaxes the surrounding musculature, stabilising the area and decreasing pain.