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In the past number of years people  have been paying more attention to their posture. a regular occurrence in our clinics is hearing patients say that they don't want to end up like their parents, or even they don't want that "Hump," in their back. Some people think these things are hereditary and although a small number of them are, the majority of postural complaints extend from your daily activity and day to day life. Think of it, we sit at computers or on our phones for hours on end with our heads flexed forward and our shoulders rounded forward. There is only one thing that our bodies can do and that is to react by tensing our shoulder and neck muscles to try to stabilise the area under pressure which in turn causes pressure on the discs and joints of your neck and mid-back having the knock on effect of pain into your neck, shoulders, head.


Sometimes you may experience headaches or arm pain and all of it is related to your posture. Sitting also causes an increase strain on our lower back and pelvis, Similar to using your phone your back is flexed as we sit, so good sitting posture and support is important. Sleeping is another postural problem, for example lying on your stomach forces your neck into a twisted position not to mention your lower body, and we stay like this for between 6-8 hours in most instances. There is only one outcome, joint, muscled and nerve pain and eventually arthritic changes.

Did you KNow?

One of the most common issues seen today among the majority of population is Bad Posture. When looking at the body as a mechanical structure you could identify the majority of complaints, aches and pains that people suffer from as being directly related to a persons posture.

Signs & Symptoms

Stiffness in your neck and shoulders


Muscle tension at the back of the skull

Difficulty Sleeping

Feeling "Misaligned"

How does Chiropractic Help?

Chiropractic Adjustments move joints into proper alignment which in turn causes the surrounding musculature to relax. This movement into proper position when repeated along with specific exercises to strengthen postural muscles allows for normal posture to be achieved and maintained.

Our Chiropractors advise all of our patients, that it is a repetitive negative action that causes bad posture, therefore this action needs to be replaced with a repetitive positive action or exercise in order to achieve good posture, which does takes time.

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