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As a company that values its staff above all, we know that in any business there is nothing more important than the people who work in your organization every day.

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At Our Clinic

At Chiropractix, we know that a healthy and happy work force is one of the most important assets to any business. We can offer your staff complimentary consultations and discounted treatment rates at our Clinic, just get in touch to add your details to our corporate register, and we will send you a pack outlining how your staff can use our service with large savings.

On-site Treatment

As the largest group of Chiropractic Clinics in Ireland, we have the advantage of being able to offer you a practitioner to visit your location weekly, monthly, or at your request to provide your staff with treatment On-Site. We can set up a billing cycle for you or we can charge your staff individually as they use the service at a discounted rate. This makes time away from their work a minimum, while offering great service in house.

On Site Practitioner

We can offer you On-Site practitioners at your location, from as little as, one 1/2 day per week, up to 7 full days, with one or multiple practitioners. The advantage of this is that you are billed quarterly for the service, and based on the number of employees you have, your staff can book to see our practitioner without charge, We can liaise with your HR Department with the permission of the patient to keep you in the loop of the progress of their care, or complaint resolution. This is a fantastic low cost way of offering your staff excellent Chiropractic Care without needing to take time for appointments, or time off work with back or musculoskeletal work related pain.

At your location

We can come to your office and provide your staff or organization with On-Site Health Talks, Information about ergonomics and the importance of correct desk posture, posture screenings, On-Site Consultations and an array of complimentary offerings to help your staff live a healthier, happier work life.

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