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Dealing with
Pregnancy Pain

For a female, pregnancy is one of the most rewarding times in their life. With this reward can also come great pain and suffering with lower back conditions, shoulder pains and other musculoskeletal complaints.


During pregnancy, the pressure and stress placed upon a woman’s lower back is immense. The ligaments of the lower back begin to become lax or in other words, loose and weak. When this happens, the lumbar spine (lower back) and pelvic bones can move out of position causing pressure on nerve structures in the lower back which results in pain. Due to the extra weight on the pregnant woman’s lower back, some females can experience an increase in the lower back curvature, which can cause on-going complaints following child birth.

Did you KNow?

Chiropractic and pregnancy go hand in hand. Research has actually shown, women who receive chiropractor care during pregnancy can reduce their labour times, along with helping with all those pregnancy pains while carrying the baby, chiropractors are trained to help.

Signs & Symptoms


Pain at the base of the spine

Tingling pins & needles and numbness into the legs

Pain in between shoulder blades (due to increased breast size & weight on the front of the body)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Pubic Symphysitis (Symphysitis Pubis)

How does Chiropractic Help?

Chiropractic treatment for pregnant females varies in technique. The techniques used are much lighter but equally effective. It is a safe and non-invasive treatment that helps to maintain good spinal posture and lower back muscular strength throughout pregnancy. Chiropractic care aims to decrease aches and pains experienced throughout the 9 month period and works on maintaining good spinal posture post pregnancy.

Chiropractors do not claim to treat colic, reflux or digestive problems  as they are medical condition, however as above suggests, by treating a babies spine and nervous system using very gentle techniques and adjustments, the symptoms  associated with colic reflux and digestive issues appear to reduce and more research is continuously being performed to connect the two. Babies of any age can be treated by a chiropractor.

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