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Who We are?

Chiropractix is Ireland’s largest Chiropractic company, providing Chiropractic care for 13 years across our 4 locations, Dublin, Galway, Carrick on Shannon & Longford. As a clinic we pride ourselves in putting our patients at the front of everything we do. We have been featured in National and Regional News, which has led us to treat Professional, Olympic and Paralympic Athletes, and we are proud to have some of Ireland's highest profile Musicians & Creatives as our patients.

The Midlands of Ireland is a picturesque area, with lakes, mountain trials and beautiful countryside. They have the added benefit of low-cost living and with a very high-quality standard of living. We have a full Management Structure in each clinic along with a Senior Management Structure of a Clinic Director, Head Practitioner & Operations Manager to assist and help you do the best you can. We like to think that all you have to do is turn up to work, treat your patients and we do the rest.


Who You are?

You are an energetic, enthusiastic Chiropractor who loves what you do. Your focus is on helping people get better and live a healthier and happier life. You need to work well with others in a team and be able to participate in team building days and events, and always put your patient first. You ideally have some experience but as you will be provided full training, we are prepared to accept new graduates.


What We offer:


  • Full daily support by Manager, Front Desk and Senior Management.

  • Percentage based salary, on an upward sliding scale, with a base salary if you require a work permit.

  • Constant Professional Development and learning in an individual and team setting.

  • Mentorship and Up-skilling by our Clinic Director & Head Practitioner.

  • Staff outings, events & social days.

  • Flexible working hours.

  • 35 hours per week.

  • Career progression to Senior & Management positions with bonus, salaries & higher percent-ages.


Check out our Instagram @chiropractixhq to see some of the wonderful patients that we treat. If you think you want to Join Irelands Largest Chiropractic company, send your CV & Cover letter to

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